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Please join us on Sunday.

For those who have not been to Living God Lutheran Church (LGLC) or those who haven't been here recently, we jotted down a few items to help understand how we tend to do things here at LGLC. We want to make it more comfortable for everyone to come join us. If there are further questions or additional assistance is needed, please call or e-mail (numbers and address info is at the bottom of this page or on the Contact page)

Service Overview

Normally there is one service starting at 9:30 AM.  There are occasional exceptions as well so check the web page to confirm which services are offered on the days you plan to attend.


See our Map and Directions page first for directions on how to get here. Use caution entering and exiting our driveway off of US-322 because the speed limit on 322 in this area is 45.  There are not any turn lanes but there are wide shoulders on both sides of the road.  Our driveway and parking lot is paved.  There is plenty of parking.  There is also a covered drop-off and pick-up area at the main entrance if needed.  Use caution when driving and walking in this area.  For those that require handicap/accessible access, see the accessiblity section below.

The main entrance is right alongside the parking area and is easily identifiable.  The main entrance is two sets of double doors and they lead right into a foyer area which opens up to the sanctuary.  In the entrance area there is a stand with literature and information and then inside the foyer there is usually a table in the center for after-service coffee fellowship.  On the left is the pastor's office.  On the right is the entrance for the church office and a small parlor meeting room. On both sides there are bulletin boards for church announcements and sign-ups.  Just beyond the foyer before the sanctuary, the hallway to the left goes to the classrooms and nursery.  The hallway to the right goes to the restrooms and kitchen.

We usually have greeters at the entrance to the main aisle of the sanctuary with bulletins.  There is no special seating arrangement so please find a seat you are comfortable with.  Seating is made up of individual padded chairs with hymnals located beside, under the seat in front or on the seat.

Additional Information

If you have any questions, please ask the greeter. The pastor and other key members are available at the conclusion of the service for additional questions or comments. Guests are encouraged to sign the guest book located on a table or stand in the foyer just before the sanctuary.  Also there are cards at the table for further questions, comments, prayer requests, etc. Cards can be dropped in the collection basket or turned in to any church officer at the conclusion of the service.

Service Information (What goes on during the service)

The service typically runs for just over one hour. The bulletin gives all key information including hymn numbers, responsive reading lines, etc. The service typically starts with announcements.  The service proceeds per the bulletin.  There is a collection (optional).  Communion is held every week near the conclusion of the service and is open table. It is optional but everyone is welcome including non-members. Younger members who have not had 1st Communion (roughly under 10) can partake by receiving a blessing with the bread but will not dip into the wine.  There is an attendant that will direct which rows are to proceed to the front for communion.  The service usually ends with a Closing Song.  Following the service there is usually a coffee fellowship in the foyer which typically includes coffee, juice, snacks.


Currently there is a Bible School for children ages 3 through 5th grade held during the worship service.  The children start by attending the worship service and then are dismissed to Sunday Bible School following a children's moment early in the service. Nursery Care is provided during the entire worship service for ages 0-5.

Accessibility Information

There are a number of marked handicap parking spots including some wide ones capable of accommodating vans.  The parking lot is flat, all paved, lined, and not far from the main entrance. The main entrance is level with the parking lot and has no steps.  Everything within the church is all on one level including the sanctuary, classrooms, restrooms, kitchen, etc.  The sanctuary seating is made up of individual padded seats that can be moved to accommodate as needed.  Please let an usher know your needs and we can accommodate. 

Both the ladies and men's room have handicap stalls with rails.  There is also an accessible water fountain in the hall.  The foyer, hallways, and classrooms have commercial carpeting or vinyl flooring.  The sanctuary has laminate hardwood type floor. All doorways and hallways are wide.  Navigation with wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc should be relatively easy.

During the service there are a number of times when the congregation stands only when able to.  Also for communion, if it is difficult to go up for communion, let the attendant know and communion can be brought to you.  The acoustics and speakers in the church are very lively so it is relatively easy to hear wherever seated.  If requested in advance, large type bulletins can also be provided.  Please request any other special needs and we will do the best to accommodate.

Living God Church
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